Flying Heart Brewing & Pub is Now Offering a New Franchise Opportunity!

Bossier City, LA, March 2024

In the heart of Northwest Louisiana, the story of Flying Heart Brewing & Pub unfolds as a testament to passion, creativity, and community. Owned and operated by two couples who share an unwavering love for creative beer, intriguing people, and the spirit of camaraderie, Flying Heart Brewing & Pub has emerged as a vibrant cornerstone of the local craft brewing scene. Now, this remarkable journey of craft and connection takes an exciting leap forward as Flying Heart Brewing & Pub invites entrepreneurs to join their flourishing brand through franchising. Flying Heart began when Leah, a dedicated member of the US Air Force, was set to embark on a year-long deployment to Greenland. She entrusted Ben Patillo, her close friend, with a unique mission: make sure her husband, Ben Hart, didn't get into too much trouble while she was away. What followed that year was the inception of a new love affair - home brewing.

The "Bens" found themselves captivated by the art and science of brewing, and their shared dream of opening a brewery was set in motion. Upon Leah's return, the "Bens" had already begun renovating a retired 1950's fire station in Bossier City's East Bank District, and thus, Flying Heart Brewing was born. Over the following years, they encountered their fair share of ups and downs, all the while nurturing an ever-growing community of passionate and loyal patrons. The turning point came when Jeff "Jeffro" Judge, a retired US Air Force veteran who shared a profound love for craft beer, entered the scene. Jeffro also brought his culinary passion, setting the stage for a transformative friendship.

It was at this time that Jeff and Tammy joined the team, bringing with them not just their camaraderie but also a delectable addition: pizza. After numerous trials and culinary experiments in Jeffro's backyard, Flying Heart Brewing & Pub unveiled the perfect complement to their craft beers. In 2018, Flying Heart Brewing & Pub, a blend of craft beer and savory pizzas, became a reality. Fast forward to 2023, and Flying Heart Brewing & Pub earned national recognition, ranking among the top 25 pizzerias to watch out for.

The brewing and restaurant industries offer promising prospects for entrepreneurs. The craft beer market has enjoyed consistent growth over the years, attracting a dedicated and enthusiastic customer base. Craft breweries like Flying Heart Brewing & Pub are at the forefront of this movement, fostering community connections and offering unique experiences. As Flying Heart Brewing & Pub looks to expand, they invite aspiring franchisees to join them in crafting a vibrant future. This is an opportunity to embrace a brand that celebrates camaraderie, creativity, and culinary delight, all in one place. Contact us today to learn more!

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